Augmented reality — is an effective tool in modern marketing for a wide range of enterprises. AR allows 3D objects to be overlaid into the real-world environment through the consumer’s smartphone or tablet to give a better understanding of the product’s physical characteristics and its intrinsic value. Promotion of a product with AR technology becomes easier as it surprises consumers, helps them remember a company or brand, and encourages them to buy a product or service. Integrating AR technology is becoming a new trend for advertising in the MENA region.

The Big Dream team can create an AR product for your business in Dubai that will give you:

  • attracting new customers
  • competitive advantage
  • brand promotion
  • enhanced customer experience
  • increase in revenue.

Augmented reality technology makes it possible to advertise and sell your product directly from the packaging or the pages of printed publications, showcases, stands, and other desired objects. Implementing AR for promotion is an ideal case of experiential marketing that engages five senses that bring emotions to form long-lasting memories and drive brand loyalty.

What are the advantages of using augmented reality? Opens up new opportunities for the customer to interact with the product. The amount of time a consumer spends studying a product increases by 7 times!

  • It allows you to stand out from the competition and take a decisive role for the buyer when choosing a product to buy.
  • It creates an unusual consumer experience and a strong emotional connection with the brand.
  • Increases the frequency of purchases by 25 %, and the number of purchases by 30 %!

Augmented reality is effective when communicating with children’s target audience because it allows you to combine everything that children love: the desire to learn the world, games, and cartoons. But most importantly, augmented reality allows you to embed all this in your product.

Big Dream Lab is a company in UAE that specializes in developing AR products in marketing for various brands. Together, we can create the best immersive experience for your customers.