AR Technologies in Tourism

As “experience economy” has become increasingly popular within customers, AR in tourism proved itself to be a unique tool to attract travelers all around the world. As practice shows, tourism is one of the main areas of the use of virtual and augmented reality. Even today, hotels, resorts, and tourist offices in the MENA region use AR technology in their work. From the comfort of your home, you can be anywhere in the world and see the attractions before you actually visit them and learn more about your upcoming trip. AR technology for tourism business is helping to revolutionize the travel industry. Immersive tourism, sightseeing visualization, 3D entertainment, many applications of AR help businesses to thrive in this industry. Implementing AR solutions in such tourist hotspots like Dubai and Abu Dhabi will show how these cities hold their status of “smart cities”.

Augmented reality features that are already used in tourism:

  • Navigation. Being anywhere in the world, a tourist can determine their location and create a route.
  • Providing information.
  • A tourist gets information about tourist attractions simply by pointing their gadget at them.
  • This AR function is a convenient alternative to regular guided tours.
  • Demonstration.
  • Travel agencies use augmented reality to show customers the features of a potential tour to a specific area.

Big Dream Lab is a company in UAE that specializes in developing AR products in tourism. Together, we can create the best immersive experience for your customers.


AR Turkistan

AR Turkistan is new way to present city to all guests. Fascinating facts, navigation, AR markers  and AR images, 3D models of historical places – all of them in one app. Main channel for sharing information and promoting campaigns.