Apple Is Going To Release Augmented Reality Glasses In 2023

The American corporation Apple may release an augmented reality (AR) headset in 2022, and AR glasses in 2023, reports The Information, citing sources. According to the publication, Apple managers announced this at an internal meeting for employees. Sources previously claimed that Apple would release an augmented reality headset or glasses in 2020, but due to development difficulties, the timeline was pushed back.

Codenamed N301 at Apple, the AR headset resembles a thinner version of the Oculus Quest virtual reality (VR) headset. The N301 combines the capabilities of both augmented and virtual reality and uses external cameras to display the user’s surroundings. The device has a high resolution display for blending virtual objects with the real world. Starting in 2021, the company will be looking to developers to write software for the headset. Augmented reality glasses will be designed for longer use. According to the publication, at the moment they look like expensive sunglasses with thick frames, which house the battery and chips. Earlier it was reported that Apple was testing lenses that darkened during operation to make it clear that the user was busy. Apple managers said that, in their opinion, augmented reality glasses could replace the iPhone in ten years.

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