Photo album with augmented reality

We record every significant event in our life on photographs. The developers of augmented reality gave the opportunity to” animate ” pictures in albums using AR technology. Professional photo studios and printing companies are using an interesting new feature to make their services creative and stand out among competitors.

Albums with augmented reality have become very popular. Shooting has become an exciting and memorable process, in which participants can not only pose to create ordinary static photos, but also record videos. As a result, when opening the album, you can view memorable photos and video clips.

In order to animate the image, you need to download a special application, download it to a mobile device or tablet and point the device’s camera at the photo. The picture will “come to life” from the captured moment. It can be a short story about yourself, any improvisation, a performance of the team, an exciting moment in life. The duration of one such video sequence usually does not exceed 60 seconds. An augmented reality photo album is an opportunity to remember events dear to your heart years later.

Augmented reality is increasingly being used in the service sector. AR-technology allows you to attract the attention of customers, and users themselves get new impressions from the familiar product.

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