November 26, 2020

Survive In The Virtual Power Plant.

How do you teach an employee to work at a power plant without electrocuting them or blowing up anything? In the twenty-first century, you can just send it to … virtual training. DTEK has come up with such a project for its employees. And the manufacturer of futuristic suits Tesla suit, developers of virtual reality Sensorama Lab and neurophysiologists from the company Beehiveor helped the company in this issue.

The Correspondent Liga.Tech decided to check out the training for the TPP shift ьanager. On his own skin-literally. Teslasuit is a smart suit with the function of transmitting tactile sensations in virtual and augmented reality. It’s a bridge between reality and a digital image. The popular Oculus Rift helmet and manipulators are used for VR. The suit monitors the employee’s status. If you grab the bare wire on the virtual double of the TPP, reality will be slightly electrocuted. The impact force is regulated and selected as minimal as possible.

For example, a journalist was given a power boost — this is noticeable in a virtual demo zone with a fan, a gun, and electric shocks. This makes learning more efficient and faster-through full immersion and experience. Only after this, the employee is allowed to go to the real object. And Teslasuit has motion capture sensors — the suit remembers the pattern and can teach the employee to move correctly in a particular work situation. There are also biometrics sensors.

They can be used to analyze the employee’s condition — fatigue, activity, etc.  3D Digital copy of the power plant was created by Sensorama Lab. Beehiveor helps with the preparation of the training program (read about their unusual projects in our article ” Watch your eyes. How Kievans earn on neuroscience”). The DTEK company says that they continue to work by analyzing neurophysiological parameters-they want to improve the model of remembering information. According to the plan, there will be other industrial facilities. TPP is only the first application