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What We Do

Virtual Reality

We specialize in developing virtual reality simulators for safety training purposes in industries such as oil & gas, mining, construction, and other high-risk sectors in Dubai, UAE. Our VR simulators effectively recreate emergency scenarios like fires, explosions, gas leaks, and more. By experiencing these simulations, users gain valuable knowledge of the necessary actions to take in such situations and can apply them in real-life scenarios. Our simulators are designed with exceptional quality and realism, ensuring that users’ immersion and sense of realism remain intact throughout the training.


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Augmented Reality

Our team specializes in producing interactive storytelling through augmented reality (AR) solutions. We offer innovative solutions that enable our clients to overlay their 3D models onto the real world, providing a unique and engaging experience for their customers. By merging the digital and physical realms, we create a hybrid environment that offers endless possibilities. Many of our clients utilize AR for various purposes, such as product prototyping, marketing campaigns, brand recognition, and training programs. Additionally, we have developed an AR tourism guide that takes a gamified approach to exploring tourist destinations that  bears resemblance to the popular Pokemon Go app.

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3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling service offers high-quality, precise digital models of physical objects, spaces, and products. Whether you need architectural renderings, product prototypes, or detailed visualizations for your project, our skilled team of 3D modelers can bring your ideas to life with unparalleled accuracy and attention to detail.

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Use Cases

The virtual training simulator “MTZ Belarus-82” is an interactive system that immerses students in a virtual environment, where they perform actions focused on assembling a tractor engine using the necessary devices and tools.
Hyper Vision – a holographic technology to display and create interactive 3D visuals to various industries  to enhance and provide memorable, unique experiences. It’s the perfect solution for businesses looking to make an impact and leave a lasting impression on their audience.
AR City Guide is a mobile app that revolutionizes the way visitors explore a city. It offers fascinating facts, easy navigation, and gamification features. With AR markers and 3D models, it’s the ultimate tourist experience!
Book with augmented reality that gives you a fascinating display of the human body and compliments it with colorful and complex 3D animations, so that you understand all the functions and processes of organs in our bodies .

Focus Industries

  • Education

    Looking for a way to enhance teaching and student experience? We are happy to revolutionize education industry by proving educational institutions with immersive and interactive learning experiences that help improve engagement and retention.Expand your opportunities for strengthening your teaching strategies to boost up learning experience by leveraging VR, AR and MR technologies.

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  • Marketing

    We are happy to be your immersive technology partner and help you to improve customer engagement. We provide brands with a chance to shine in a competitive market by letting customers try before they buy. Our technology allows businesses to create immersive product demos, virtual showrooms, and interactive advertising campaigns that capture attention.

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  • Manufacturing and industry

    As your innovative tech partner, we enhance customer engagement for manufacturing and industry businesses by integrating Virtual Reality Trainings for workforce learning and health and safety prioritization, allowing to practice complex procedures or troubleshoot issues in a safe and controlled virtual environment. With AR prototyping and 3D Modeling, we provide realistic visualization, evaluation of products and processes before physical production.

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  • Construction

    Strengthen your construction processes with bespoke virtual technologies to provide a range of benefits from improved safety and efficiency to streamline design and collaboration.With AR prototyping and 3D Modeling, construction professionals can create accurate digital replicas of the intended structures, considering various aspects, including architectural features, spatial relationships, and structural integrity.

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  • Tourism

    Our VR and AR solutions are transforming the tourism industry, providing unique and immersive experiences that bring destinations to life. From virtual tours of historic landmarks to interactive travel planning tools, our technology is helping to transform the way people explore the world.

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