Book with Augmented Reality
ABC book

ABC Book

Learning English letters is very easy with the Alphabet book with Augmented Reality. Thanks to the exciting 4D animation and colorful design, learning for your child will turn into an exciting activity. “Revived” funny animals – crocodiles, owls and their friends will teach the pronunciation of English letters and words! The propositions and tasks offered in the book will help to fix the training material.

The book utilizes Augmented Reality technology, which allows children to interact with the content using a compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet. By simply pointing the device’s camera at the pages of the book, the child can see the static images transform into animated characters and scenes, creating an interactive and captivating learning environment.The “revived” funny animals, such as crocodiles, owls, and their friends, serve as virtual tutors within the book. These animated characters guide children through the process of learning English letters and their pronunciation.