Poster with augmented reality
Fire Safety

Fire Safety AR Poster

We’ve released a series of colorful posters with augmented reality on fire safety for children. Thanks to the clear 4D animation, children will be able to easily learn the basic rules of behavior in the event of a fire.

The posters demonstrate the rules of safe behavior in different situations: when it is possible to leave the room and if the exit to the street is closed by fire. In order to view the animation, you need to download a special free mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, open it and point the device’s camera at the poster. An animated character will clearly show how to behave in a dangerous situation. The colorful visual range and accessible presentation make complex fire safety rules understandable. Thanks to the simultaneous impact on the organs of hearing and vision with the help of augmented reality, the memorability of information increases three times! You can view the 4D animation countless times until the child completely learns the material. The poster on fire safety with augmented reality will be interesting and useful for adult users, since it presents the known rules in an unusual and easy-to-remember form.