Book with Augmented Reality
Milk packaging

Milk packaging

Augmented reality technology makes it possible to advertise a product from any packaging. This is one of the most memorable types of advertising and promotion of a product or service! Augmented reality allows the buyer to consider and evaluate the offer in advance. When pointing the camera of a smartphone or tablet at the packaging, the user sees a character telling about the benefits of the product and features in an interactive form.

What are the advantages of using augmented reality on the packaging?

  1. It opens up new opportunities for the buyer to interact with the product. The consumer spends 7 times more time studying the product than usual!
  2. It allows you to stand out among competitors and take a decisive role for the buyer when choosing a product for purchase.
  3. Creates an unusual consumer experience and a strong emotional connection with the brand.
  4. Increases the frequency of purchases by 25 %, and the number of purchases by 30 %!