What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a created simulation of a real-world environment. The environment is perceived with a help of a device known as a virtual reality headest. VR simulation gives users an immersive 3D experience that can be utilized to practice skills and procedures in a safe yet realistic setting. VR is a powerful tool capable of helping companies improve productivity, effectiveness, accuracy and safety for their customers and employees.

We create virtual reality simulators for safety training in oil & gas, mining, construction, and other industries with plenty of high-risk jobs in Dubai, UAE. VR simulators simulate emergency cases such as fire, explosion, gas leakage, and others, so that user could know the sequence of action in these situations and apply them in real life. The user’s experience of realism is not diminished by the simulation’s objects because they are of such great quality and realism. Develop virtual reality simulator for safety training with us and create the best conditions for your enterprise in the UAE market.


Focus Industries

  • Education

    Looking for a way to enhance teaching and student experience? We are happy to revolutionize education industry by proving educational institutions with immersive and interactive learning experiences that help improve engagement and retention.Expand your opportunities for strengthening your teaching strategies to boost up learning experience by leveraging VR, AR and MR technologies.

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  • Marketing

    We are happy to be your immersive technology partner and help you to improve customer engagement. We provide brands with a chance to shine in a competitive market by letting customers try before they buy. Our technology allows businesses to create immersive product demos, virtual showrooms, and interactive advertising campaigns that capture attention.

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  • Manufacturing and industry

    We enhance customer engagement by integrating Virtual Reality Trainings for workforce learning, health and safety prioritization, allowing to practice complex procedures in a safe and controlled virtual environment. With AR prototyping and 3D Modeling, we provide realistic visualization, evaluation of products and processes before physical production.

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  • Construction

    Strengthen your construction processes with bespoke virtual technologies to provide a range of benefits from improved safety and efficiency to streamline design and collaboration.With AR prototyping and 3D Modeling, construction professionals can create accurate digital replicas of the intended structures, considering various aspects, including architectural features, spatial relationships, and structural integrity.

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  • Tourism

    Our VR and AR solutions are transforming the tourism industry, providing unique and immersive experiences that bring destinations to life. From virtual tours of historic landmarks to interactive travel planning tools, our technology is helping to transform the way people explore the world.

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How VR Is Used Today?

Instruction on occupational health and safety

Instruction on occupational health and safety in VR simulators and training provides a highly immersive and effective learning experience for individuals in various industries. By utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology, these simulations allow participants to engage in realistic workplace scenarios, identify potential hazards, and practice proper safety protocols in a controlled and safe environment.

Algorithms for emergency situations

Algorithms for emergency situations in VR simulators and training programs are designed to simulate realistic scenarios and guide participants through the appropriate actions and decision-making processes during emergencies. These algorithms serve as the underlying framework for creating dynamic and interactive simulations that mimic real-life emergency situations.

Repair of equipment

Repair of equipment in VR simulators and training programs offers a virtual environment where participants can learn and practice equipment repair and maintenance procedures.These simulations provide a safe and controlled setting for trainees to develop their technical skills, troubleshooting abilities, and familiarity with equipment.